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Varese,  Italie

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Villa Valentina country house and estate lies in the countryside between Milan and Varese. Fully restored, this 18th-century property promises you a truly relaxing stay in beautiful natural surroundings. Just 30 minutes from Malpensa airport and close to a local railway station, Villa Valentina boasts large 11km² gardens, which are well-kept and lovely to explore in any season. The gardens are home to a children’s playground as well as many pretty sitting areas. Inside, enjoy spacious rooms with modern facilities, which have lost none of their original charm. Open fireplaces and wooden beams add to the romantic atmosphere and the elegant lounge has views over the park, as do most guestrooms. Various sports can be carried out here, including horse-riding around the nearby lakes. Some of the best golf courses in the area are close to Villa Valentina and towns such as Milan and Varese make great day trips.Traduction automatique
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Hostel Villa Valentina
Via Donizetti 17 (21049) - Varese (Italie)



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Hostel Villa Valentina Via Donizetti 17 Varese 21049 Italie